Online tool to remove all lines of a text matching a regular expression.Insert your text (for instance the content of a cvs file ) and specify a regular expression. All lines matching (or not matching) the regular expression will not reported in the final text. Click this link to get a complete guide about the regular expressions you can define.
Special characters in regular expression:
.Any character
\dA digit: [0-9]
\DA non-digit.The same of [^0-9]
\sA whitespace character.
\SA non-whitespace character.The same of [^\s]
\wA word character..The same of [a-zA-Z_0-9]
\WA non-word character. The same of [^\w]
.+ any string of characters (e.g.:r2e3r4t3[2)
[0-9]+any string of digit (e.g.:23432)

Example of regular expression:
Regular ExpressionSample of a line matching the expressionDescription
^(ABC).*ABC and CDELines lines starting with 'ABC' (^ mean line start)
.*(ABC)$it and ABCLines ending with 'ABC' ($ mean line end)
.*(ABC )+.* and me ABC ABC andLines having 'ABC' repeated one or more times
^[abc].*another dayLines starting with character a, b, or c
^[^abc].*game is overLines starting with any character except a, b, or c
.*[a-zA-Z][0-9][0-2].*my name is a03gray Lines belong of a string 'any letter' 'any digit' 'digit between 0 and 2'